Flowers in December

Readers’ Favorite gave FLOWERS in DECEMBER five-stars. “Someone who knows what it’s like to lose a parent will find a lot to relate to in this book.”


Connor Norton returns to his hometown, following the death of his mother, knowing that he will have to confront personal feelings of guilt and regret. It is a place he has barely set foot in for the past 20 years.

Caught in the period of his life where the vibrancy of youth has diminished and the prospect of becoming middle-aged is looming, Connor finds that he is suddenly alone in the world and must somehow reshape his future and face his own mortality.

With only Tom, the family’s orange tabby cat, as his constant companion, he considers new possibilities and new directions. But will Connor be able to lay the ghosts of his past to rest? And will his return later, to the place he once called home, be enough to let him break free from the remorse which he has carried since he was 18?

In this tender, heartwarming portrait of a man who finds himself trapped between his past, his present and the future, where will this new journey lead Connor and what will the future hold when he gets there?

What readers are saying:

Heartfelt and lovely” – Sarah

An emotional journey through a man’s pain. I teared up a few times… And then, a perfect ending.” – JED

Death is a hard topic to write about and equally hard to read about… It’s a credit to an author to be able to bring out such sadness in a novella.” – Carol Ann King

This is a great read! It reminds you of how important family is! It was very well written! Loved it!” – Kindle Customer

“It was a good story about dealing with loss and finding hope.” – Bob Wilson

I enjoyed this book. Simple and sweet.” – Sandy N.

A touching story to which we all can relate. Heartfelt and up lifting. In a word, real.”

This was a well-written story of what happens after the death of a parent.” – Brenchris

loved it!

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